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On Wednesday, April 29th 2009 the Urban Blue bus was launched - Maidstone's newest weapon in its fight to make the town the safest and best nightspot in the county.

Urban Blue, a name picked by students at Cornwallis Academy, is a double decker that has been transformed into a community bus.

By day the bus, which has an area with 16 seats and a video screen, will travel around schools and other organisations to educate on a range of subjects from teenage pregnancies to drug awareness.

It also has an onboard medical area to treat minor injuries, so the bus could be used at concerts and public events or even deployed to major incidents.

On Saturday nights the bus is parked in the town centre with the hope of relieving stress and pressure on the ambulance and A&E service.

Urban Blue BusThe Maidstone Community Bus Urban Blue is another initiative from Town Centre Management, working in partnership with the Primary Care Trust, Maidstone Police and Maidstone Borough Council.

It is used every Saturday night in the town centre providing a valuable resource for medical problems and the general welfare of people socialising in the town.

On weekdays it can be hired to deliver messages on healthcare, healthy living and other specialist advice to the wider community.


Latest News

Urban Blue is on TV and visits Parliament: Urban Blue bus was at Parliament on 8th July 2011 to launch Baroness Newlove's Community Alcohol Partnership covered by Meridian Tonight.

Baroness Newlove and Urban Blue Bus team

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